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peset038 - Player's Edge Plus (SET038) Set Chip
概 要
詳 細このセットはゲームではなく、ゲームが正しくインストールされたかを調べるプログラム。
追加情報This is not a game. It's a one screen utility program which is meant to be used after you already successfully put a new game in your machine.

Lets say you have 'pepp0516' installed and you go through the setup. In a real machine, you may want to add a bill validator. The only way to do that is to un-socket the 'pepp0516' chip and put in the 'peset038' chip and then reboot the machine. Then this chip's program runs and you set the options and put the 'pepp0516' chip back in.

The only way to simulate this is to fire up the 'pepp0516' game and set it up. Then exit the game and copy the pepp0516.nv file to peset038.nv, and then run the 'peset038' program. This is because they have to have the same eeprom and cmos data in memory to work. When you are done with the peset038 program, you copy the peset038.nv file back over the pepp0516.nv